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One of the main reasons we set up the Chippenham Sci-Fi Convention was to raise lots of money for Charity
Its tough to choose a good cause from so many but we decided on 4 fantastic causes in 2014 and raised over £3000
to help with the wonderful work they do.
Lets just tell you a little bit about them.
Chippenham Doorway
Doorway is a homeless Charity in Chippenham who look after all a wide range of people in our community.
Often people have fallen on hard times and through no fault of their own find themselves on the streets.
Its shocking to know that this is all to common in Chippenham in 2014. We know Lisa Lewis and the fantastic team at Doorway,
we stretch evey penny to the  maximum for this amazing worthy cause in the Town..
Dorothy House
All of us know someone affected by Cancer and the money we raised will go towards helping local people in Chippenham.
We are very proud to support the team of dedicated people who support help those suffering, together with family and friends.
Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital
A charity very close to Anthony’s heart having spent a lot of time at the hospital with a family member, he knows all to well
what an inspiration this place can be to all the children who pass through its doors.
Stroke Association
Another charity close to our hearts. With personal experience of how a stroke can change someones life in an instant.
The statistics are frightening but with the help of Chippenham Sci-fi and other events, so much can be achieved in getting
people back on their feet and in some cases, learning to talk, walk and live again.
Next year we will be supporting 4 more charities, so keep checking back for announcements in the future.

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