Nick Joseph

Nick Joseph

Born on August 28th in East London. Once I left school my father got me a job at the company where he worked. I started  as an apprentice electrician for a 5 year contract. On completing  the course I left that company to work for another . After a couple of years I felt that an electrician was not for me. I then started to work as a driving instructor and that is where it all started for my acting career. I met a lady who had an agency for extras ( back ground artists ) she asked me on one  occasion  if I would help her out as one of her artists had let her down at the last moment.. I agreed and off I went to the BBC  . This was way back in 1969. The show was Clay Hanger about the Potteries in Victorian times. I was  asked if I could do a couple of lines , and this my first ever Acting Day, and that was the start of my acting career. I found an acting school in Essex and took myself off there for about  6 months. Later I  found an agent for Actors who took me on that was Aleen Hatchard, what a lovely lady she was, God bless Her.  She got me many a good job  inc STAR WARS  ” A New Hope “. I learned a great deal after I left Drama School just by watching the main actors . My Moto is Watch  and Learn . After nearly 37 years  of acting  I thought enough was enough and gave up .

Some years later I received a letter from Gary Kurtz office asking if I was Arhul Hextrophon the Medal of YAVIN Bearer in Star Wars ” A New Hope “.  I replied  that I was and that was  the start of things to come.   ”  EMPIRE DAY “.

On arriving at Elstree Studios there were 1000s of Star Wars Fans waiting and I was not expecting that. I was taken into the green room for coffee and after, entered the Studio where I was met by Rusty Goffe who asked me  ” WHERE HAVE I BEEN ALL THOSE YEARS ”   What a great guy Rusty is. I met some Fantastic Fans that day and I still see some of them today at other Conventions. One Fan said that he was told that I had passed away some years ago , no such luck. I was also given a business card from Clare Robson of the Iconic Legion for me to contact someone and that person turned out to be Rick Stanley from Sci-Fi Convention Signers Co-Operative  ( now )  : .From that day forth I have been invited to many other Conventions , not only in England but to Scotland and Europe and now to the USA. I feel very fortunate that Gary Kurtz office found me.

I can remember a number of jobs that my agent got for me : –  Fortunes of War as the Hotel Porter – Murphy,s Mob as the Football Referee – Treasure Houses as Lord Nelson – Triangle as Ships Engineer – – Shelly as the Marathon Runner –

Thomas and Sarah as the Business Man – The Bill as Terry Islop – Secret Army as the Tail Gunner in a Lancaster Bomber – We,ll  meet again as the Side Gunner in a B17 USA Bomber – Blakes 7,in  2 eps   Head Hunter as the Android  & The Animals – Crime Watch – Clay Hanger as Leader of the Mob – Dr Who with 3 Drs – The Two Ronnies –  Killers (Thames Tv ) as Lord Sams the Defence Barrister . The Sweeney as  Chas the Bookies runner.  etc – etc .

Going back to Star Wars I was asked if I would like a small part in a small movie as a Medal Bearer, I excepted and you know the rest. Great Movie- Great Actors. ICONIC MOVIE.

I have worked on many other movies : – The Increadable Sarah with Glenda Jackson  in Joan of Arch as the Guard who tied Joan of Arch  to the stake as she was burnt at the stake.

The Spy Who Loved Me as the Armoury Officer in James Bond 007with Roger Moore       –      Home Before Midnight   as Steven Johnson  –   Dunkirk as Sgt Miller – At The Earths Core as Major of the Guard  with Doug Mc Clure  etc. – etc .

Commercials –  Skol Lager – Shell – Hugo Boss – Homepride Bakers – Hi-Tec Sportswear – Newcastle Brown Ale – TSB  ( Trustees Savings Bank ) – Waltham Forest Sports Centre – Tango Fruit Drinks – The Shell commercial was with Ayrton Senna  I played Alain Prost and drove Prost,s F1 Car.  Super Glue as an Acrobat –   Heinz Soups – Vladivar Vodka as a Ballet dancer – OXO cubes .  etc.

Theatre  Stage Credits  : –   Merchant of Venice as the Inn Keeper @ Stratford East – My Man as the Butler @ The Corbet tTheatre –  The Three Slaves  @ The Corbett Theatre.

Dr WHO is another favourite of mine working with 3 Doctors  in 4 different parts. –  Tom Baker  in The Leisure Hive – – Peter Davidson in 2 eps   Terminus  -&  Black Orchid  – Colin Baker with Nicola Bryant   in The Mark of the RANI  as Luddite.

Sporting Activities  : –   I have represented England and Great Britain in Athletics.  I ran in the Commonwealth Games way back in 1986 in Scotland and that was the 1st of many representations. Two European Road running championships and Three World Long distance Road Running Championships. World Half Marathon Championship and the World Marathon Championship. My best Marathon time being    : –   2h – 30 mins – 44sec.

Half Marathon  : –  1H – 14 mins – 11sec.  + many other races.

I  raced in Formula Cars , starting in  Formula Ford 1600cc –  Formula Vee  2000cc. – and Formula 3. A Football Association Referee.  Matches  inc   : – West Ham United – Arsenal – Spurs – Fulham.    +    Local Essex Youth & Senior Teams.

I have been very fortunate having met  so many great Star Wars & Dr Who  & James Bond 007 Fans and I hope to meet so many more in the years to come.

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