Brian Wheeler

How did your acting career begin?
Saw an advert in the local newspaper for people needed under 4ft 6ins and it was for a film and the film was Return of the Jedi.
Had such a career been something you’d ever thought of doing?
 No I was training to be a graphic designer.
How did your association with Star Wars begin?
As above when I saw the advert for the part of an Ewok and a Jawa.
We know now that the movie was a cultural phenomenon but did any of you have a sense of that when you were filming it?
 Yes because of the legacy of Star Wars.
What did you make of all the strange aliens on set? Was it fun to take part in even if it hadn’t become the legend that it was?
Inside they were generally people I knew.  Yes it was fun but the costumes were hard going especially Ewok costume.
As a background character in such a movie, were you surprized that she has action figures and memorabilia made of your character?
 There is memorabilia as me as a Jawa but there is nothing as Ewoks.
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As an actor, is it a great felling to have your own action figure?
Do you get a background on a character like that or do you make it up in your head to achieve a structure in your own head for the character?
You work it around the script you are given.
What did you think of the Ewoks when you first saw them?
 I thought they were cuddly but in a strange way, aggressive.
How long did the costume take to put on?
About half an hour for an Ewok and Jawa about 15 minutes.
What was  it like watching someone like George Lucas at work? What were your impressions of him?
He was the first director I ever watched and therefore it was fascinating.  A quiet meticulous man.
What do you as an actor learn from being part of the background characters? How does it shape your craft?
 It was my first job as an actor, so it was a learning curve from day one.
You’ve taken part in dozens of movies and productions. Have you a particular fondness for any one particular part eg a historical one or a period piece? 
I played the part of an aide to King Edward and it was interesting the war between England and Scotland and his suppression of the Scottish.
How much interaction with the stars do you have on set? Are they good sources for advice?
 I spoke a lot with Mark Hamill and he realized it was my first job and he gave me some good advice.
What piece are you most proud of looking back?
My part in Phantom of the Opera.
Were you aware of events like conventions and what was your reaction to your first one?
 Yes I was aware but the dedication of the fans was phenomenal.
If you could give one budding actor/ actress a piece of advice what would it be ? 
Have a back up job.
What are you currently working on?
 I never divulge what is coming up next.
Where can people find out more about your career?
 Willow Management

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